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Paul King for 50TH Congress
PRESS RELEASE 17 April, 2006

The 50th district special election produced some startling results!

The RICH vs. the POOR…

How they voted!

The more affluent communities along the coast, La Jolla, Del Mar, Del Mar Heights, Encinitas and Solana Beach voted largely for Democrat Francine Busby. In fact if the election had depended on these communities Busby would have won the election outright. At polling places in those communities, an average of 54.8 percent cast ballots for Busby.

Saving the day for the republicans were the poorer inland communities of Escondido and San Marcos where polling places turned out for republicans, of which there where 14 candidates, giving them an average of over 60% of the total votes.

This defies conventional wisdom that say’s the democrats are the party of the downtrodden and the poor who need big government to help them. Obviously even the poor don’t buy that line anymore.

While an interpretation of these facts are open to speculation. My belief is that it is mostly the wealthy that benefit from the huge 2.8 trillion dollars in federal government spending. And those folks vote their pocketbooks.

BTW. There was no breakdown available on how libertarian voters voted. Oh Well!