Paul King, running for California's 50th District


7040 Avenida Encinas #201
Carlsbad, CA 92011
Ph: 760-929-2310
Fax: 760-434-6192


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Why vote for Paul King?

Paul has four main goals he would like to accomplish while in Congress.

1 - Bring the politicians home from Washington to work and live in their district. In Washington, people who want your money surround our congress! Thousands of lobbyists and hundreds of thousands of bureaucrats have better access to our elected officials then their constituents. Get them out of there.

2 - Require our elected officials to read the bills before they can vote on them. They carelessly pass mammoth bills that none of them have read. Sometimes printed copies aren't even available when they vote! Often no one knows what these bills contain, what they really do, or what they will really cost.

3 - Change the budget process of “use it or lose it” to “save it and keep it”! As budgets are allocated to countless bureaus and departments they are told if you fail to spend the entire amount you will lose that amount in the next budget. This forces these departments to waste money. Let them keep what they save and we will end the inertia of government spending.

4 - Transparency in government. Open records of every individual and lobbyist who visits the congressional office on official business.

5 - Iraq Strategy. The current strategy in Iraq has been a disaster. I support a plan to address this problem with an exit strategy. DETAILS HERE