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Bilbray Will Not Be on the November Ballot

Brian Bilbray almost surely will be elected to Congress in June, but will not be on the November ballot for reelection. Bilbray will serve in Congress for only 6 months. I guarantee it!

Here’s the story no one has reported. The April special primary election to replace Randy “Crook” Cunningham was an odd, OPEN primary. All voters could vote for anyone, regardless of political party.

But the upcoming JUNE primary for the same district will be the traditional CLOSED primary where only Republican voters can vote for the Republican candidates. And the 50th is a very conservative GOP district.

Bilbray won the April special election primary because many independent voters and some Democrats crossed over to vote for him. Even then, Bilbray barely won the crowded GOP primary with 15.26% of the total vote.

Conservative wealthy businessman Eric Roach was close behind with 14.50% of the vote. Another conservative, Howard Kaloogian, was the next Republican with 7.44%. Conservative State Senator Bill Morrow got 5.39%, and the other 10 Republicans (almost all conservatives) trailed off from there.

Brian Bilbray, a squishy former GOP Congressman who then found lucrative employment as a D.C. lobbyist, is not popular with Republicans in the district. Howard Kaloogian has already announced his endorsement of Roach in the June primary.

In this strongly Republican district, Bilbray will almost surely win the 50th district seat in the June 6th runoff election, defeating Democrat Francine Busby. But on that same day, the primary is held for the November regular election. Since the nonpartisan and Democrat voters cannot vote in this June GOP primary, Bilbray will get TROUNCED by Eric Roach.

Roach will be the GOP nominee for the November general election, and will easily win that runoff race. As I said, I guarantee it!

Now, let me hedge my guarantee. If Eric Roach doesn’t try to win, he won’t win. And he might very well not try at all.

Apparently there is TREMENDOUS GOP pressure on Roach not to spend any more money or effort on running. Establishment GOP leaders want a compliant RINO (Republican in Name Only) “team player” in the seat.

Bilbray fills that role nicely. Roach is too much of an outspoken conservative. George Bush does not want such independent people in “his” party.

If Roach doesn’t campaign -- spending about a million dollars (he’s already spent over $3 million in the primary) to explain to the GOP electorate why they should vote for Bilbray in the June runoff while at the same time voting for Roach in the same day’s primary -- Bilbray will win BOTH the special election AND the June GOP primary. If Bilbray wins in November, he will become the undefeatable incumbent GOP Congressman in the 50th for the next 20 to 30 years.